Helping You Achieve Amicability, Fairness and Equity


Regina and Annemarie are both Pennsylvania Certified Mediators who are trained to reach agreements between spouses and other interested parties and opposing parties with counsel. The idea behind Collaborative Law and Divorce, Custody and Support Mediation is that separating couples, represented by counsel in informal surroundings, might benefit from a more amicable and equitable way of settling their differences.

The customary issues related to Divorce, Custody and Support are discussed, including distribution of property and debts, financial support, child custody and other parenting issues. At the Law Offices of Regina B. Guerin and Annemarie Guerin, clients can often find answers and save money by not taking their complaints into court and exposing themselves to rising court costs. We can assist you in drafting Pre-Nuptial Agreements prior to Marriage and Property Settlement Agreements also called Marital Settlement Agreements or Post-Nuptial Agreements in the context of Divorce.



In a Divorce, Custody and Support Mediation atmosphere, you’ll see the same passionate advocacy we would provide elsewhere, but in a non-courtroom setting. The goal is that you and your spouse will get the opportunity to resolve disputes without being cast as outright opponents in a rigid and time-consuming process. Mediation is designed for people who can cooperate, and who are interested in doing what they can to constructively rebuild their lives and protect their peace of mind for the sake of the children.  Collaborative Law is similar to Mediation but each party is represented by independent counsel but committed to reaching an agreement.

Mediation and Collaborative Law can also be valuable for couples who are about to divorce, and for those who have already divorced. The opportunity to communicate openly and constructively is often not available when the parties resort to litigation.

By agreeing to pursue Divorce, Custody or Support through Mediation or the Collaborative Law process, you’re choosing to take charge of your lives, separately and as a couple. Your privacy and personal dignity can be given higher priority and the tendency to act vindictively is reduced. A mediated divorce, custody or support matter can improve your chances of moving on in a healthy way.



Our Divorce, Custody and Support Mediation attorneys, Regina B. Guerin and Annemarie Guerin, can capably and affordably represent your interests during these mediated discussions regarding division of property, spousal maintenance, child support, and parenting schedules. Through the mediation process, we’ll help you reach a final agreement you can be proud of, just as we’ve accomplished for countless other clients throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks counties in Pennsylvania.