Respect for Families, Respect for Communities



Here’s something very important that you should know about us at the Law Offices of Regina B. Guerin and Annemarie Guerin:

We have lived and worked as Family lawyers in the Jenkintown and Northeast Philadelphia areas for forty-five years combined. We’ve started families and raised children here. We have a vested personal interest in our area’s continued health and prosperity. We know the people, and their problems. Regardless of your pressing legal need or personal situation, we take great satisfaction in getting results for you, and in helping you in the most affordable way possible.



Divorce is often the most formidable and emotional family law challenge, As experienced Divorce attorneys we serve both women and men.

We are a mother and daughter team who love practicing Family Law. As Divorce attorneys, we provide affordable, quality representation to husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, grandparents and other third parties involved in Divorce, Child Custody, or Child and Spousal Support matters. We’re also glad to raise our voices in defense of the defenseless children caught in the middle of parental disagreements.

We strive for fair and reasonable agreements in the areas of property division and equitable distribution. We work hard for just outcomes when issues of Alimony, Spousal Support, Child Support and Child Custody are discussed. And we work hard to see that physically or emotionally abused clients are legally protected from domestic violence.



We can offer valuable input and strategies on the Child Custody and Visitation matters, including bringing attention to possible grandparent third-party custody and visitation issues.

Your concerns could range from physical custody (actual possession and control of a minor child) to legal custody (the right to make decisions that impact the child), or from partial or shared physical custody (visitation) to primary custody (one parent taking the majority of custodial time). We can handle all of these issues diplomatically and efficiently, with your legal, emotional, and practical interests in mind.



At the Law Offices of Regina B. Guerin and Annemarie Guerin, we have a comprehensive understanding of state guidelines for child support. We’ll do everything in our power as divorce attorneys to make sure that parents receive the correct level of support to provide for the health and happiness of their children.

If a post-settlement child support modification becomes necessary, due to changing living conditions or incomes, we can file a petition to alter the existing agreement accordingly.