Strong Legal Advocates When Needed Most



At the Law Offices of Regina B. Guerin and Annemarie Guerin, we’re as proud of the passionate criminal defenses we’ve advanced, on behalf of deserving clients, as we are of our roles in helping to rebuild families through our Family Law and Juvenile Law work.



Our country’s criminal justice system is difficult to navigate for many. For defendants, a criminal trial is often stressful and confusing. Prosecutors work with law enforcement every day to convict people charged with crimes like DUI, drug possession, sexual offenses, assault, and criminal trespass. A guilty verdict leaves the convicted person to deal with the possibilities of imprisonment, the stigma of a criminal record, fines, restitution, probation, loss of a license, and more.

We have many years of experience dealing with the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. Our time spent as a Public Defender and Juvenile Conflict Counsel member, both in Philadelphia and Montgomery County, means we have the legal expertise and resources to avoid or reduce the impact of a criminal charge.

Regardless of the facts of the case, everyone deserves a fair trial and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. With your freedom and future hanging in the balance, we will use our knowledge and experience to refute the charges against you. We can meet with you to represent you in conversations with law enforcement, or in court.

As Criminal Defense lawyers, your constitutional rights are as important to us as our own. We will work to make sure that your rights aren’t violated, and that a rush to judgment by the authorities doesn’t translate into injustice for you.



At the Law Offices of Regina B. Guerin and Annemarie Guerin, we represent juvenile offenders in Jenkintown, Northeast Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and Bucks County. Juvenile law applies to those who aren’t old enough to be held responsible as adults for criminal acts. And while the objectives of the Juvenile court system appear to emphasize rehabilitation rather than punishment, we will be with you, the juvenile defendant, every step of the way, providing the same kind of quality representation we offer to adults.

We resist “directly filed” adult charges and hasty attempts to “certify” certain juveniles as adults. We will safeguard your rights and, in all cases, strive to keep jurisdiction of your case in juvenile courts.

Parents of juveniles in trouble should rest assured that you have our thorough understanding of the Juvenile justice system, and rehabilitative options, to lean on as we attempt to help your minor child. If we can prevent him or her from having to appear in juvenile court, we will. We pledge our best efforts to help avoid the serious consequences that can result from juvenile delinquency proceedings and time spent in juvenile detention.